Prices & Fee list

Local and global at the same time

TPE's head quarter is placed in Copenhagen and is working as an international travel department. TPE collaborates with external travel agencies operating as local travel departments for members who have chosen that.

An administrative agency fee is charged for bookings done via the travel department. The size of the fee depends on different factors, for example whether it was made by phone or via online booking, or if the booking was made via the international travel department or one of the local partners.

If you are unsure about which travel department to contact, please contact you local travel manager.

You can find an overview of the agency fees: here

One or more agency fees?
The agency fee is charged per ticket, but in spite of this, it is sometimes more profitable to issue more tickets per journey. This could for example be in cases when flights with different airline companies are combined in order to find the cheapest ticket. The travel department always make sure to advise you on which solution is the best, and they always put together the cheapest solution based on the total cost, incl. agency fees.