Expense management

No business can be an expert at everything. In today's hyper-competitive market, more and more companies are concetrating on their core competencies while outsourcing non-core activities to specialists with the relevant knowledge and economies of scale. 

Expense management handling is a matter of trust. Trust in safety of data handling, trust in functional and intuitive systems, and trust in timely handling of your expense requests. Meeting all these requirements takes a wealth of time and experience. That's why we have partnerships with some of the leading expense management companies in the industry.

SAP Concur secures a global websolution for all travelers. The platform allows for both website and app-based expense management to secure expense management handling in your own time. Moreover, it gives your company an overview of travel spend and a swift processing tool for your finance department.


Data handling in TravelpoolEurope


Easing expenses for businesses



As well as providing our travellers with handy and easily accessible tools, TPE also handles custom setups of expenses and reporting

For you, as a member, this means that we are able to provide you with detailed accounting formats as well as reports providing 100% overviews as well as detailed summary on KPI. All this is made available in our integrated BI tool, which you can access at your convenience. 

As a part of attempting to ensure a more environmentally sustainable planet, our reports also include CO2 spend pr. destination to allow our members to reflect on their travel choices. To read more about our CSR policy, please click here. 




At TPE extensive reporting is part of our standard service. We gather all your company data in our knowledge centre, where your company can request a custom-made report.

The possibilities are endless. Whether you want to find out which employees has had the most travel activity in the previous month or who has been using brobizz during the weekend or which airlines your company uses the most, you can create reports on this yourself by just a few clicks on the screen.

The TPE knowledge centre gives you an overview of travel purchases, deviations from your travel policy, status on your travel reimbursements, or you can pull out an administrative report from the knowledge centre.


Easy reporting with TPE