Value creation for our member companies

TPE handles business travel like any other spend category - our focus is to ensure the best overall performance.
This is our core business, and TPE holds the highest level of expertise within this category.


This is how we save 10 – 24% on your company Expenses, 
without changing your company’s travel policy:

Build baselineBuild baseline – deep dive into all data – so we know, what we are talking about
best-in-class processesImplement best-in-class processes to ensure optimal usage of tickets and accommodation – no loss
Negotiate vendor contractsNegotiate vendor contracts for all TPE Members, which you as member will benefit from
Global handlingHandle services and day to day operation globally – Online & Fullservice
Compliance in real timeReport compliance “real time” – so you can act in a timely manner
Report against baselineReport against baseline
Improve business travel managementAction plans and activity to continuously improve the benefits