Products for all your travel needs

At TPE we know that travel consists of more than just a plane ticket and a hotel. We therefore offer a wide variety of products in addition to those you might find at a traditional travel agency


TPE handles (XXAmount) of domestic and international flights every day. This volume has enabled us in 

On a biyearly basis, TPE negotiate and re-negotiate agreements with our hotel partners globally. This is done based on our members' wishes and frequent hotel use. We ensure to have the best possible agreements with all of our members' favourite hotels.

Car rental:
All our members benefit from agreements ensuring flexible and timely pickup globally. 

Taxa, Train and Ferries:
As a member of TPE we have negotiated favourable prices on taxa, train and ferry-services with a wide variety of partners.

Groups and meetings:
We offer personal, tailor-made solutions to cater your needs for groups and meetings. As a result, you can safely leave your wishes in our care and we will see to that you are