A TPE supplier reaches more clients

Being one of TPE’s suppliers has many benefits. Our members include a significant number of large Nordic companies and organisations and they all purchase all their travels via TPE.

In other words, an agreement with TPE is an agreement with all our member companies. This is a great advantage to our suppliers who only have to deal with one partner rather than a number of partners. A TPE supplier reaches more clients without using extra resources.
TPE makes decisions together with our members
We generally consult our members before making arrangements with suppliers.
This guarantees you that your product will be endorsed by our members from day one.

When you become one of our suppliers you will notice an immediate effect. Our set-up is designed to reach all our member companies at once – this means more efficient counselling and a better utilisation of the agreement.

We believe in long-term partnerships.
At TPE we believe in few and long-term partnerships because this is what benefits our member companies the most. We have been collaborating with a lot of our current suppliers for several years and established mutually beneficial partnerships that ultimately serve all our members' needs.

We believe in active partnerships
When we enter into an agreement with a supplier it is important that the agreement is adjusted regularly so that it lives up to market conditions and the needs of our members. We expect our partners to actively participate in these adjustments, so that we are constantly able to offer the best solutions to our members.