Extensive reporting is a part of the TPE service package

An important part of staying on top of the business travel industry is to be able to monitor exactly what happens where and when. At TPE extensive reporting is part of our standard service. We gather and utilise your data in our continuous process to provide the best business travel service for you. 

This approach to data handling opens a wealth of opportunities. Our reports provide a complete overview of your travel spendings held up against your KPIs to secure that we reach your goals. Whether you want to find out which employees has had the most travel activity in the previous month or who has been using Brobizz during the weekend or which airlines your company uses the most, you can create unique reports on this yourself by just a few clicks on the screen.

Travel Performance App


The TPE knowledge centre gives you an overview of travel purchases, deviations from your travel policy, status on your travel reimbursements, or you can pull out an administrative report from the knowledge centre.
We know where your employees are
We can also help you if you need to locate an employee somewhere in the world. We save all necessary information on your travelling employees which makes them easy to track in case of an emergency. This gives peace of mind to both the traveller and the company.