Cross-level effect - financial controllers and decision makers

Being decision-maker or in charge of financial matters in your company, you know how important it is to have efficient management tools. With TPE, analyses og costum-made reports are part of the package.

Effect from day one and follow-up
Being a member of TPE will have an effect on your company from day one. At the beginning of your TPE membership we will draw up a business case together based on your company’s own data. This business case will show us where we can make improvements, with supplier agreements, IT solutions, etc.

We will keep an eye on your company travels and at least once a year we will draw up a new, updated action plan based on your company’s activities the last year.

Through years of experience with drawing up and executing implementations in a multitude of both national and international companies, we can confirm that TPE provide savings of 10-24% from year one - and document them continously. 

Detailed management reporting
TPE offers detailed management reporting as a unique management tool for your company. We will help you look behind the figures, and report if there are any activities that do not comply with best practice of the industry or your travel policy. This is an added precaution that keeps your travel expenditure on the right track.

Our reporting tools can handle all types of categories, suppliers and information and link effortlessly to your company’s own accounting system.
A transparent solution
Being a non-profit organisation is a big responsibility. TPE has chosen an open, expense-run price structure because this is the best way of enabling our members to choose the right solutions and make the right decisions.
Returning all benefits to our members is also part of our open price structure.