TPE core values

Business Travel Management

Business travel 2+2=5

TravelpoolEurope is the world’s only member-owned shared service center for travel procurement. We exist for our members - which is not just a figure of speech.

We are owned by our members, and it is the very DNA of our business model and price structure, and we can prove it. Documented figures show members save 10-24 % annualy on their business travel spend with no changes in policy but drawing on our advantages, which include:


  • Leverage from the most advanced procurement solution
  • High traveler satisfaction
  • Securing optimal compliance

Expense Management

As lean as it getsSAP Concur Partner

In partnership with Concur, TravelpoolEurope offers a full BPO expense management service.

Our global expense services are done at armlength from the company and take away all operational work related to expense management. Our systems include reconciliations, employee reimburstments, tax reporting, and system maintenance. It is not a huge project - and it is a simple, safe, and fast process, leaving more resources for you to focus on your core competencies through:

  • Most efficient expense handling
  • Best-in-class technology
  • User friendly tools

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6 ways TPE members save time and money when flights are disrupted

Strikes, bad weather, air traffic control failures ... unfortunately, there are many reasons business travellers regularly have their journey plans disrupted.  

Join forces with other successful companies and save 10-24% on business travel spendings

TravelpoolEurope (TPE) is a successful joint venture between a large group of big Scandinavian companies. The group has a combined travel budget of 650 mio. dkk and reach documented savings of 10-24% on their business travel.

Stay on business class and save more than 20%

By implementing rate caps on business class travels,
a major member of the TPE Group saved 225.000. Euro –  more than 20% on their business class travels.


TPE is not a corporate travel agency - we are the members’ very own travel function. There is a noticeable difference.


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